Last Minute Resources for Digital Interactive Notebooks (Post 1 of 3)

This is post 1 of 3 on digital interactive notebooks. Read 2 of 3 "How I'm Using Digital Interactive Notebooks" here.

Some of us are procrastinators. We need the pressure of school starting in a few short days to really get busy with planning for school. Some of us are enjoying the last few precious moments of summer. And yet others are bogged down with stress and anxiety about this new digital reality and can't focus on what needs to be done first.

And then there's me. I'm all three! 

I suspect many of you are as well.

I know I want to use a digital interactive notebook this year. I honestly should have done it long ago, but there is just something about paper and pencil that appeals to me. Maybe it's my age. Or maybe it's because my dad owned an office supply store when I was growing up. (Seriously, is there anything that smells better than an office supply store??? I walk into a Staples or Office Depot and am instantly transported to my childhood. I love that smell! But I digress...

Like it or not, I am now at a point where I must make the transition to the digital world. We have zero idea what the school year will look like. I may not get to spend more than a few days with my students before we go virtual, so I need to make things as streamlined and adaptable as possible.

I've compiled a list of resources that have helped me prepare. Hopefully they will help you, too. Once I get my notebook organized, I will share it here.

Notebook Templates

Why recreate the wheel? I'm going to choose one of these and run with it. I will edit and get creative later.


  1. Thank you, JJ! I'm all three as well! These are great resources!

  2. I am trying to wrap my mind around Interactive Notebooks. Your post and instructions are sooooo helpful. Thank you! I am also intrigued by your colorful syllabus. Was this created from a template as well, or did you make it yourself (Canva????). If there's a template (for sale), please be so kind as to share the resource. DANKE!!!!


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