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Back-To-School: Smarter, Not Harder

  It's back to school time! I cannot believe it!!! Am I thrilled with the idea? To be honest, not quite yet. But I'm not dreading it, either, so that's a step in the right direction. As I began focusing on ways to work smarter and not harder this year, I compiled a list to help keep me focused. Here is the beginning of that list. Start the year off right Check out th is post for a complete lesson on how I am starting my levels 3 and 4 classes this year. We are jumping right in with Spanish and a cute little hook to start the wheels turning on why we need more than one language in our lives. And while you are simplifying, you might want these proficiency-based learning targets . I printed them and hung them up in my room. They are also added into my slides presentations so I don't forget to share them with students. They are perfect for impressing admin! Someone walks in to do a quick walk-through, and I quickly point to my learning target and say, "Remember, this

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